How to Build a WordPress Site. Includes Videos.

This may not be for everyone. But if you can suffer watching through building a website, then you could be on your way to kicking footballs made from $100 bills.

Really though, it is not all bad. We won’t do HTML. And further down on this page I have three videos.  One for you to play around with.

Don’t worry…  No one is asking for a credit card.

Who am I

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One of the bigger costs of running a web site is the hosting. If you have cheap hosting, you have a slow loading website, period.  Consider all the costs and pros and cons before starting a website. They tend to become long term friends.

An analogy could be. One is 21st century high performance, one is still on horseback. You don’t want a chase horse.

Before we get into building a website  you need to start with a plan.

What do you Want?

Putting a Plan Together

The reasons people make websites can generally be grouped into three reasons.

  • Family and Friends

This might include lots of photos and videos. You will need a good theme and good hosting. There are lots of free themes in WordPress and some free modern ones here.  with a bit more “carrying” power.

You can get great hosting here .  The best deal on the web.

  • A Work Website that tells everyone about your company

This works for an individual or a small brick and mortar business. This is usually a “Get to know me” type site, where you are posting your resume’, samples of your work, photos of jobs done.   Generally there is an email associated with the site so people can contact and request information.

Some of these sites can have small E-Commerce sections.

  • An Outrageously Profitable Website.

This is made as a information type Website. The information could be ? Whatever you want it to be.  Political commentary, work from home, all the “How to” guides to … well, anything. These pages are no more difficult to build than the types above, but they are optimized to appeal to a particular audience.

  • These require Fast Loading Themes.

    The Premium themes available at the link above, are designed to be fully optimized for Google Searches.

They can take some getting used to if you have not used the Gutenberg editor. The Classic editor is only available as a plugin now. The Gutenberg editor has a lot more functionality.

Like the font on this page is in the old classic editor, like so many websites. Compare this font and ease of reading with my main website. 

Customization of these themes is reasonably straight forward.  They are best used with the Search Engine Optimization plugin below. ( It is free, but very good).

  • State of the art Hosting including security certificates

Hosting companies are generally part of a larger organisation. The organisation who have ultimate control of the site you are reading this page on is Amazon. As you can imagine it is huge and powerful. In fact it has the most powerful website hosting capability in the world.

There are others that are up there and will be suitable for your application. It is highly unlikely your website will have the demands placed on it that Amazon does.

This is a good business hosting Co.   They often have great deals.

  • A Professional Search Engine Optimization plugin

This plugin is as good as any paid for one. One of the most advanced there is and it is FREE!.

  • A good email client

Lots of these. Get Response, Mail Chimp,  MailPoet, A ton of others.  Most mail clients are designed for working with WordPress.  To find a suitable one look at their sending capability per hour rating.

Discard anything under 35,000 an hour. Ideally you would want an email client with about a 50,000 send email capability to be sure  the email provider has a send capability that is not going to choke on you.

Building a Web Site.

I will use the video from the Wealthy Affiliate site. It is detailed and explains a lot even if you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate.


Building Your Website in 30 Seconds, Literally


Have a Go Yourself.

MyTheme Installation

You can see a full suite of My Theme shop themes Here

For More Info On Wealthy Affiliate Click on This Link



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