Every now and then I come across something in my online travels that I find useful.

I think if I find something that would benefit me, then maybe it would be of a benefit to you too.

So I am calling this my link page .

If you are in my barefootaffiliate face book group then it may pay to book mark this page.

This link will take you to a list of courses and value services on my main page.

This link is about a plugin that automates your social media posts. 24/7. It is a plugin, so you have to set it up.

This way it delivers human type content!. It costs $69.00 (US). If you want they will set it up for you. Except for Shopify these are one time costs. which is about $15.00 p/mth or $180 per /yr.

  • Social Rabbit plugin installation, activation and setup of the main tools
  • Authorization with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Uploading niche related images to your Media Gallery

This will cost another $79.00.  All up, a one time cost of $148.00.  However members here have 10% off. Your coupon code is GETADDON10   Enter that in the checkout where it says to redeem code and your good to go.

Anyway the link. to get a good understanding of the plugin

My Review Here.

Payment Processors.

Veem does away with swift codes.